Individual stainless steel processing

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Individual components or complete solutions: we at Sommer & Strassburger are specialists in the individual processing of stainless steel to customer order. Our extensive range of products and services includes plant engineering, process tanks, membrane housings, filter housings, heat exchangers, extruded pipe outlets, custom production orders – you name it.
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Process tanks <br /> for the chemical industry <br /><br /><a class='more' href='branchen.html#seite4'>Find out more »</a> FiltraLine<sup>®</sup> <br /> Cartridge and bag filter housings <br /><br /><a class='more' href='produkte.html#seite3'>Find out more »</a> MembraLine<sup>®</sup> <br /> Membrane housings for membrane filtration<br /><br /><a class='more' href='produkte.html#seite2'>Find out more »</a> Plant engineering <br /> for the pharmaceutical industry<br /><br /><a class='more' href='produkte.html#seite4'>Find out more »</a>